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Home Rebuttal

As a responsible author and in all fairness to the individuals mentioned on this website, this page contains commentary received about this web site.

My fair offer still stands -- The Pronmans (or anyone else) is free to respond and submit "their side" of the story. As of today, I still have not received any response, feedback or rebuttal to contradict the factual information contained on this public service website.

9/10/2009 - I received a letter from a Canadian attorney which accused me of engaging in a campaign of defamation and character assassination of Gary Pronman & Dan Pronman. The letter did not mention what statements on this website were false, if any.

10/1/2009 - My lawyer sent a response asserting that this is a public service website which exercises my right to freedom of speech. This letter requested that they bring to our attention any specific inaccuracies so that we may give it the consideration it warrants.

6/22/1010 - Dan Pronman posted what appears to be his side of the story on a different website. While Dan did not directly provide me his "story" for publication here, I still felt it my obligation to be as fair as possible and post a copy. Read Dan's "6/22/10" version of the story.

7/11/2010 - On, a public forum, Dan Pronman offered another version of his story. He also suggested I tell the world about my criminal history. Well Dan, if it will make you feel like more of a man, here it goes: "Circa 1990, at about the age of 22, I was convicted of misdemeanor trespassing." The end.

2/10/2011 - Gary Pronman appears to have published his version of the story at This site is now offline.

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