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Here is some feedback that I've found and received from others. Keep it coming!

        "I have sold the Pronmans several hemi cars over the years. they are testy but I never had any major issues. The Pronmans did threaten to sue one of my customers when he bought a car they thought that they had tied-up. Too bad they did not take him on as I think he would have buried them. That seems to be the biggest problem with the Pronmans - they act like spoiled little brats and threaten litigation whenever they don't get what they want!"

        "I really admire you making a stand and doing what is right in an unfortunate situation. Too many people just look the other way and that allows a small group of idiots to mess with the hobby we love."

        "It is sad to say that I too am a victim of the Pronman brothers. I took the legal route to resolve my problems with them, but we settled out of court. As much as I'd like to provide you the grim details, I can't due to a gag agreement that was incorporated into the settlement. Maybe I'd be forced to provide details if you subpoenaed me? Regardless, I commend you on your effort to raise awareness through the web and other means. I wish I had done the same thing. Keep up the effort for all our sake."

        "I also made the mistake of purchasing a Mopar restored by Movie Star Muscle Cars. They stated it was "fully documented" but when it arrived, it didn't even have a build sheet. They won't answer my phone calls nor return my messages. In addition, the quality of their restoration was so poor, I had to send the car off to Ken Mosier for a complete, proper and expensive re-restoration. From what I've heard, Ken has had to re-restore more than one of the abominations that came out of the Pronman's shop. I hope you bury these guys!"

        "I was working with Dan Pronman to transport a car bought by a Canadian client, Ontario titled in the Pronman’s name, but was housed in the U.S. I asked Dan to handle booking shipping and transport. Since the car was in the Pronman’s name, they were simply bringing their car home with no VAT due at customs. Dan took advantage of the situation by confusing the buyer into thinking VAT was due and collected the tax, payable directly to Movie Star Muscle Cars, not the Canadian Government."

        "I tried to transact business with Dan Pronman. We agreed to trade each other for different date-coded Hemi carburetors. I sent my carburetor to Dan. Here we are over year later and he still hasn't sent me back the carburetor he owes me. I used to feel I was ripped off but that was until I learned of your story... which puts my loss in perspective. I hope you get your money back from them."

          "I commend you on your website and efforts to out these criminals. There are just entirely too many guys in this hobby for the money and too few for the love of the cars. Some of these guys are basically living off of what they make on these cars, so many would not think twice about trying to get an extra $10g for misrepresenting a non-matching number car with a re-stamped engine. To pull what these guys did, to me is just beyond belief. Best of luck with your lawsuit and do us all a favor by putting these guys out of business."

        "I have read the new Mopar Collectors Guide and your web page about the two special brothers from DDO (which is just 20 minutes from where I live). These two are a real SPECIAL PAIR if you get my drift. If you need info on these two and where to get them, or some other info, I would be glad to help you, as this is a bad mark on the Mopar family. I know you have to go through channels and the lawyers to solve this, but we are here to help if we can"

        "Pronman (Conman) sued our Home Owners Association for frivolous matters and has been a pain in our asses for years! Keep up the good work."

        "You are probably a better man than me. When you're talking $84,000, rather than taking the high road and spending my money on lawyers, I most likely would spend the money on a hit-man. Why do they continue to allow this guy to continue to post on the Supercar site?"

        "They bought a car from me and were supposed to send me a certified check for 10k got a check for 2k and then backed out of the deal. Always drama with them. Call David G. at Legendary Motorcars in Toronto - he has had problems with them too!"

        "I would like to thank you for standing up and doing something about being the victim of fraud. Most people are too afraid to do something and many of them end up eating the loss due to self pride. I have been a few legal fights myself and know how much money, time and effort they require. I also know that eventually, stallers run out of legal tricks and must face their day in court. As long as you can financially stay in the fight so you can get to the dance, you will win. Hang in there!"

        "I am sorry to hear about your situation. One of the reasons that I started my business was because there are so many instances of good hobbyists being taken by unscrupulous people. After viewing some of the sites listed and the description of your situation I will remove Pronman from my page. $84,000 is a serious chunk of change, I really hope that you are looking at taking legal action as this kind of behavior is unacceptable."

Negative or Neutral Feedback on eBay (dansmopar & gpmusclecars)

  • "Dishonest way more miles that reported, top leak repair, cost way more etc." 01/11/2015
  • "Will not answer e-Mails, very bad practive. Very slow shipping from Canada not NY"
  • "Sent money. Never received item. No Contact from seller 6/18/09. Beware."
  • "Pics make part look stock, but seller drilled holes in it."
  • "Item was described as ALMOST NEW ORIGINAL. Received as cleaned up piece."
  • "I paid immediately and Dan would not sell me parts I won. (I did get money back)"
  • "Did not want to act right about the paperwork."
  • "A real used car salesman here folks - I wouldn't buy a pack of gum from him!"
  • "Called on title - not in name of seller - my state requires vehicle inspection.
    Problems with title should be disclosed before sale."


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