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Current Status:

I still do not have the car, nor the car's paperwork, In April 2009. Update/clarification: It took nearly seven years since this litigation began, and in late 2016 the court finally compelled the Pronmans to turn over the 1969 Dodge Superbee A12 that I paid for. Even with the court's recent intervention, the car is still not in my possession. After paying thousands of dollars more to the Pronman's friend, Bob Cabral, for what he claimed was an unpaid storage agreement with Dan Pronman, my agent was able to pick up the car and transport it to a safe location in Canada. The problem now lies with getting the car into the USA. The Pronmans never transferred the car's Ontario title into their name from the previous owner. Basically I have a bill of sale from their unlicensed automobile dealer company Movie Star Muscle Cars, and the official Ontario ownership document indicating the car still belongs to Legendary Motorcars (the party that the Pronmans purchased the car from). It is my understanding that this mismatch in paperwork prevents the ability to transport the car across the border. Technically I still do not have possession of the car, although neither do the Pronmans thanks to the judge's order. 

The litigation is ongoing. My initial civil suit against them in Florida state court continues be dragged out by every conceivable game they can play. 

I've never met anyone more litigious than the Pronmans. For those keeping tabs, here are the multiple civil actions:

  • State case brought against the Pronmans by Styles in August 2009: Styles v. Movie Star Musclecars et al (CASE NO.: 09-043833 (02)). This 6-year old case is still ongoing. The Pronmans and their first attorney, Mark P. Bockstein, were sanctioned ~ $11,000 for their frivolous argument that they were Canadians and that Florida did not have jurisdiction over them. Dan's wife Ronabeth Zand-Pronman, was sanctioned $348 relating to a deposition non-appearance. In the fall of 2014, their second attorney, Lorne Kaiser, withdrew.

    In April 2015, a third attorney, Gary Ostrow, began to represent the corporate defendant, and the Pronman brothers continued to represent themselves "pro se." In July, Ostrow noticed that he'd represent the Pronmans, in addition to the corporation and they retained Christopher O'Toole, their fourth attorney in this case, to represent the Pronman brothers, but not the corporation.

    • Believe it or not, the paltry $11,000 in sanctions that we were awarded was actually appealed by the Pronmans and Bockstein by Lorne Kaiser to the 4th District Court of Appeals. On 3/4/2015 the Pronmans lost their appeal on the sanctions, but instead of losing with dignity, on 3/19/2015, they actually filed a motion for reconsideration with the 4th DCA. No surprise, their motion for reconsideration was denied, and we collected on the bond they posted when they filed the appeal.

    As of October 15, 2016, after a failed attempt to add punitive damages, the Pronmans' third and fourth attorneys, Gary Ostrow and Christopher O'Toole quit. Christine Young, is now the fifth attorney on the case as we enter summary judgment stages and then prepare for trial. If her name sounds familiar, it's because she's the daughter of Patrick Dale Young, the Pronmans' close friend that created that nasty, slanderous retaliatory website against me back in the summer of 2010.

  • Canadian defamation case brought against Styles by the Pronmans in November 2009: Movie Star Musclecars, et al v. Styles (500-17-054189-090). The Pronmans' attorney withdrew and the Pronmans abandoned the case. The court penalized the Pronmans an amount of $3,554.30.
    • After abandoning the defamation case in Canada, the Pronmans turned their defamation claims into a counter-claim on the state case.
  • Federal case brought against Styles by the Pronmans in July 2012: Pronman et al v. Styles et al (12-80674-CIV-MARRA) During the case. the Pronmans first attorney withdrew, then they hired two more attorneys; one was sanctioned $3,500 for compromising ethics and doing what the Pronmans demanded. The other was smart enough to withdraw, though the Pronmans filed a meritless bar complaint against him. The Pronmans claimed poverty and asked the court to grant them a free lawyer, though none were foolish enough to step up. The Pronmans continued pro se, though we're pretty sure they were getting legal assistance (they just wanted to continue to get the leniency that their pro se status afforded them). After a 2.5 day bench trial in May 2015, it was over. Judgment in favor of Styles.
    • Following the Judgment, the court awarded Styles ~ $16,000 in taxable costs.
      • The Pronmans still have not satisfied this judgment, so we're asking the court's help in going after their assets.
    • Following our victory in Federal Court, the Pronmans, once again unhappy that the ruling wasn't in their favor, appealed the case to the 11th Judicial Circuit.
      • In March 2016, the Appellate court affirmed the lower courts ruling in favor of Styles.
      • Once again the narcissists were not happy because the appellate court didn't rule in their favor, so they asked for a rehearing from the 11th Circuit.
      • And once again, after wasting more of Styles' money and the court's valuable resources, the court denied their request for a rehearing.
      • on July 9, 2016, the 11 circuit court of appeals awarded Styles $856.55 in taxable costs. We're still waiting for a decision on an award of attorney's fees.
      • Styles was also awarded $13,961.16 in attorney fees in January 2017 for the frivolous Copyright claims they brought.
        • As will all prior rulings against them, they are continuing to use the court system for their own amusement and are appealing this decision to the 11th Judicial Circuit.
      • Styles was then awarded $11,204.75 in attorney's fees in November 2016 for fees related to the lost appeal.
      • On May 9, 2017, Styles was awarded another ~$10,600, again due their never-ending appeals and complete mockery of the judicial system.
      • That brings the running total of UNPAID judgments to more than $50,000 !!!!     Real honorable people, eh? I wonder if they'd expect me to pay them if they had judgments against me?

  • In mid-2015, the Pronmans filed another frivolous suit against Styles in Florida state court, alleging UFTA.
    • This case was initially filed in Broward County, a county in which held no jurisdiction over any of the alleged claims. We successfully argued to have it transferred to Palm Beach County.
    • Once in Palm Beach County, we successfully argued to have the Lis Pendens removed from Samantha's primary residence. The judge agreed that the Pronmans overstepped their bounds by 'clouding the title to her home.'
    • On April 14, 2016, the judge again halted the Pronmans' shenanigans by indefinitely staying this case.

Let there be no misunderstanding. I will see all of this through to the end so that no one else is ever defrauded by the Pronman brothers. Whatever it takes; whatever it costs; however long it lasts. I have made this my personal mission. This is my commitment to the hobby and automotive enthusiasts around the country.

Note: Up through early 2011, I had been updating this blog with the detailed happenings of the lawsuit I brought against them. While their antics and lies would make for a great series on television, I simply do not have the bandwidth to keep this page updated. I apologize to all those that were originally following along.

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