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Home Why This Website?

As you may have guessed, the author of this website is a classic car collector and has been defrauded by Gary Pronman, his brother Daniel Pronman and their Montreal-based company Movie Star Musclecars.

In April 2009, Gary Pronman approached me the same way he had in our past transactions -- as a broker that had a line on a car I might be interested in. This time, he presented a 1969 1/2 A12 Super Bee (VIN #WM23M9A301690). After some negotiating, Gary emailed me with with a note that read "after 45 minutes on the phone [with the seller], the best I can get is $84,000, me included."

I agreed to the deal. Gary emailed me a bill of sale for $84,000 listing the owner/seller as Movie Star Muscle Cars (MSMC). I promptly wired the payment, in full, to the bank specified on the bill of sale on April 25, 2009.

After wiring the money to the Canadian bank account of Movie Star Musclecars I was presented with the first of growing list of surprises:

1) The car was located and titled in Canada (not disclosed at the time it was offered).

2) Movie Star Muscle Cars did not have title to the vehicle. At the time I attempted to purchase the car, Ontario-based Legendary Motorcar Company was actually the owner of the vehicle. (This contradicts the representations on the bill of sale)

3) That Gary and Dan Pronman were the owners, officers and shareholders of Movie Star Muscle Cars. (This was never disclosed at any point during or prior to this transaction).

With these three surprises, I started to worry figuring there would be more. When I confronted Gary about the surprises, he attempted to remedy at least one issue by offering to reimburse me for the customs brokerage fee.

I then contacted two automobile transporters to attempt to arrange shipping from Canada to the USA. I was told by both carriers that I would need the original title & registration so that the car could pass through customs.

Neither Gary nor Dan would forward the car's original paperwork to me, thus preventing me from having the car picked up and transported across the border. Then when I began to threaten criminal action, they tried to justify not tendering the vehicle by creating five (5) fake invoices totaling $70,675.

After receiving the email containing the extortion demand, I made a quick phone call to Gary who told me that if I didn't pay the additional bogus invoices, they wouldn't give me the car nor my money back.

I refused to be bullied and contacted the authorities. The authorities all wanted to pass the buck due to the fact that this matter seems to have some signs of being international. Rather than waste time, I promptly contacted my civil attorney and we filed suit.

We have been litigating since mid-2009.

I don't expect to ever get my hard-earned money back from the Pronmans, however, I will do everything in my power to let the world know about their unscrupulous business practices. If my efforts, including this public service website, prevent even one person from becoming another of their victims, then my loss will be justified.

My lawsuit against the Pronmans is not an attempt to profit. Ultimately, I hope someday to actually take possession of and be able to enjoy the car I paid the Pronmans for. As of 2017, we're now close to realizing that goal.
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