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Gary Pronman - Deposition 1

What I've learned (the hard way):

Gary Pronman professes to be a Mopar expert and bills himself as a classic car broker. During my relationship with him, Gary never mentioned he was the co-owner of a Montreal-based company called Movie Star Musclecars.

When he and his brother Dan defrauded me of $84,000, they did so, in part, by using their Canadian company called Movie Star Musclecars;


Gary Pronman - Courhouse 1

Gary Pronman - Courhouse 2

Gary Pronman - Booking Photo

Gary has attempted to add-in a hidden profit on top of the 'brokerage fee' he was charging me. One such example would be a red '69 Boss 429 he offered me for $225,000 which had already been offered to me for $215,000 three days earlier by another broker. So much for transparency;

Gary knowingly misrepresented a LeMans Blue 1969 Camaro L78 RS convertible. He had been informed that it was a rebody, yet he represented it to me as authentic;

Gary personally told me that he and his brother have re-stamped at least one Hemi engine to make an E-body Mopar more valuable.

As his victim, my research taught me:

I'm not the first person to litigate or near-litigate with the Pronman brothers. Joey Lange, Bill Ockerlund, Jurgen Stanley and Wade Ogle are a few other collectors that have had serious problems the Pronmans and/or their company Movie Star Musclecars. I'm sure there are many more!

Up until very recently, Gary appeared to own half of one asset -- a condo that he and his brother inherited from their late father. However, as of 2016, this condo appears to have been sold-off to satisfy a tax lien.

Gary is actually the President, director and 50% shareholder of Movie Star Musclecars. The other 50% shareholder is his brother Dan Pronman, and the dormant company is still registered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada (it currently has no bank account and uses a UPS Store for its mailing address);

Contrary to Gary's Facebook page (and his claims in Federal court), the entity "GP Musclecars" doesn't exist and doesn't appear to have ever existed in any state or country;

Gary will only claim he's a Canadian citizen when suit is brought against him in the USA even though his Broward County arrest records state he was born in New York (natural-born US citizen), and Gary has declared his domicile in Broward County Florida since July 1994;

Movie Star Musclecars used to operate out of Florida, transact business within the state of Florida, and sell automobiles to Florida residents. Unfortunately, the company has failed to obtain a dealer's license from the Florida DMV, has never obtained the proper city and county occupational licenses, and has not filed a fictitious name (d/b/a), is it incorporated in the state of Florida, nor is it registered as a foreign corporation. Not only do I believe this to be illegal, but it also contradicts the information found on their website and business card specifically listing Coral Springs as an office address;

Quebec, Canada is apparently the fraud capitol of North America (according to the police, and attorneys I have spoken to). In fact, when I filed a report with the Montreal police, they told me it would be approximately 10-12 months just to have it reviewed by an investigator because they were so backlogged with other fraud cases;

The Pronmans have carefully crafted their little scam; they live in Florida, operate their business out of Florida, maintain a 'shell' business incorporated in Montreal, Canada, fabricate bogus invoices to offset your purchase and then try to prevent your case from ever getting its fair day in court by using jurisdiction, venue and international treaty law as their arguments to delay the case inevitably;

Gary is no stranger to the inside of a jail cell. Searching Broward and Palm Beach county public records revealed that Gary was arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) four times (one of which was a felony, and one which caused an injury accident); driving on a suspended license, using fake ID, and possession of Cocaine.

Links to forum posts about some of the cars that Gary "BigG" Pronman and his Brother Dan have offered for sale:

Sadly, I am not Gary Pronman's only victim;

Information I've discovered by searching the Internet:

Name: Gary Pronman
Middle Name: Eldon
Aliases: The Big G
Gary Proman
Phone: (561) 445-0649 - Mobile
(561) 285-1448 - business
(954) 340-3361

(954) 461-8020
(321) 305-9878
Citizenship: US & Canadian
DOB: XX/XX/1960 *
can be
obtained here or here
Drivers Lic.: P655-XXX-XX-XXX-X *
issued in Florida / obtain here
US Tax ID: 592-XX-XXXX *
issued in Florida, 1994
eBay ID: gpmusclecars
Movie Star Musclecars (1161587093)
Facebook: Gary Proman or Gary Pronman

Current address:  


Former residential addresses:

Current employer: 


Previous employers:

  • Self Employed. Sales Associate at Preferred Property Finder
    370 West Camino Gardens, Blvd., Suite 2108
    Boca Raton, FL 33432
    (954) 567-4310
    Gary's Real Estate Sales License is # SL3240627 (Current/INACTIVE). Initially obtained in December 2010. (check status)
    Note: this company originally formed by his brother's brother-in-law Bryan Zand, and now operated by his brother's father-in-law, Morris Zand.
  • Movie Star Musclecars
    Gary still lists himself as the President of Movie Star Musclecars, and a 50% shareholder -- despite the company having no bank account.
    Currently, this 'non-business' claims to maintain an office address at a UPS store (formerly Mail Boxes Etc.) in Montreal. Prior to that, this 'business' listed the following addresses on their website:
  • Salesman at Visa BMW
  • Sales Associate at Keyes Real Estate
  • Preferred Property Finder (company operated by a family member)

* Specific information is not published for privacy and protection against identity theft.

Perform you own records search and get the latest updates.
The bottom line -- do you homework before doing business with anyone!


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