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Home Who is Fred Engelhart?


Fred EngelhartTo many, he's known as "Fast Freddy"

Fred Engelhart and his company Engelhart Performance) took a bite out of some of the biggest car collectors we know. Perhaps less harm would have been done if the first person to be defrauded had taken public action -- and that's the reason for this website.

He was sued by Bill Wiemann, Cabo Holdings and the United States of America

Eventually he served time, but the trivial year long punishment hardly seems appropriate.


Fred EngelhartLinks to articles about Fred Engelhart:

WIEMANN v. Engelhart, Dist. Court, Minnesota 2009

Elkton man sentenced for wire fraud

Auto show impresario accused of fraud


Fred's Engelhart's last known phone number: 507-864-4364

If you'd like to conduct your own search to verify the information assembled on this website (and I recommend you do), you should start with

The bottom line -- research the buyer/seller just like you'd research the car!

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