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My name is Brian Styles and ever since I was a child, I have been drawn to and mesmerized by the beauty of the automotive machine.

From the time I was able to hold a crayon, and later a pencil, I enjoyed drawing pictures of cars, trucks boats and airplanes. I also built an extensive assortment of plastic scale models.

I'm not sure how I became so passionate about cars. Perhaps it was my parents, brought me home from the hospital where I was born in a 1965 Corvette convertible, or my grandparents who taught me the names of each manufacturer and placated my request of taking me to junk yards to walk around and look at at retired cars as we drove around the suburbs of Buffalo, NY growing up.

Whenever I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer as always the same "I wanted to design cars." I don't know how or why I didn't follow that dream; I never made it to college, but my love of the automobile never stopped -- in fact it only continued to grow.

Even though most my adult life was spent being an entrepreneur, building a couple businesses and raising two children, I continued to collect toy car models and LEGO sets of vehicles. Today that collection of LEGO sets and die-cast model cars exceeds 3,000 models/sets and takes up a full-size 10'x20' air-conditioned garage just to store them.

Still, the hunger wasn't satisfied. In 2002, I set out to find my first collector car and made my first purchase in 2004. My car collection is primarily 1:43 scale, but does size really matter? Aside from my collection, one of the greatest benefits of this hobby is attending events is meeting other enthusiasts that share our same passion for automobiles and scale models. Fortunately, over the years, we have met many wonderful people who share the same interests and have become great friends.

Hopefully I'll be able to pass the excitement of this hobby on to my children someday. Whether they take up the hobby or not, it is our desire to eventually have the vehicles we care for today, find a home where they will be appreciated by many. Perhaps that is why we'll always classify ourselves as "caretakers" rather than "owners."

Despite the emotional and financial setback caused by Gary Pronman & Dan Pronman, I continue to enjoy caring for classic automobiles and the majority of great people involved in it. Together, let's make sure to keep the hobby fun!


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