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Gary Pronman, Dan Pronman and Movie Star Musclecars attempted to defraud me of $84,000 in April 2009.

The problem started back in 2009 when the Pronman brothers, Gary and Dan, offered to "broker" a collectible classic car to me. We agreed to the amount. The Pronmans "forwarded" a bill of sale from a third party and I promptly wired full payment to that third party's bank account. Subsequently, the Pronmans didn't tender the car, the paperwork, nor did they even disclose the car's actual location for more than seven years. It turns out that the third party that the Pronmans "brokered" the vehicle from was a company Movie Star Muscle Cars  -- a Quebec-based company with little to no revenues or assets co-owned by the Pronmans. The lawsuit remains ongoing, though in late 2016, the judge ordered the Pronmans to disclose the location and release the car and they complied, yet unfortunately they never provided a clear, marketable title for the vehicle.

In November 2013 we discovered that the Pronmans offered a partially restored 1970 440+6 Challenger Convertible for sale, under the alias of "Max" with a phone number of (321) 305-9878. This cars has since been sold, though it demonstrates how easy it is to mislead someone online using aliases along with disposable phone numbers and email addresses.  

Don't just take my word for it. I'm not the only person to have serious problems wit the Pronman brothers. Other reputable car collectors, including Bill Ockerlund, Jurgen Stanley, Wade Ogle, Mike Pietranico and Joey Lange have also found themselves regretting their dealings with the Pronmans -- just ask them!

The Pronmans are certainly not the only predators to be found in the classic car world! There are other individuals including Dennis Tuttle and Fred Engelhart that you need to be extremely cautious with. Tuttle and Engelhart have both served time in prison for their crimes.

Other news & cases of deception, fraud and/or problems in the industry:

By making my story public, I hope that you can learn from my experiences and my financial losses. Whether you're buying or the selling, please make sure you research the vehicle and the person(s) or entity you're dealing with! Ask for photo ID; verify the clear title, and execute the deal/transaction in person.

This website & blog is a public service resource available to all enthusiasts. Remember - con artists count on the fact that most victims are too embarrassed to come forward. It's best to avoid becoming a victim, however, if it happens, be vocal so that you can warn others. If you have any stories or advice you'd like to share, please provide feedback.


Updated: September 2017

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